What Is Usually Included in a Business Continuity Plan?

What Should You Have in Your Business Continuity Plan?
In the event of a disaster, does your organization have a comprehensive business continuity plan in place? If not, it’s time to get one. Here’s how to do it.  

According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report of 2019, “every type of organization is at risk” when it comes to data breaches and network hacking.

Is Your Business Ready for the Onslaught of New Data Privacy Laws?

Ready for the Onslaught of New Data Privacy Laws?
In a not-so-shocking twist, consumers are realizing that companies have a great deal of insight into their personal lives and want to control the privacy level of their information.  

Way back in early 2018, multinational corporations were rocked by the need to suddenly double-down on data privacy to conform to the restrictive new GDPR standards in Europe.

How To Protect Yourself From A Data Breach And Hackers

This article is taken from the October Two River Technology Group newsletter on the topic of hackers and a data breach. You can find the download link to get the entire newsletter at the end of this important article.
Could One Tiny DATA BREACH Wipe Out Your Entire Company?
Things were going great at Michael Daugherty’s up-and-coming $4 million medical-testing company.

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