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Don’t let a bad IT company in NJ or a natural disaster get in the way of your success ever again.

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“One of the things that impacted me significantly is when you offered to give us an assessment and you came in and looked at our business. You identified some of the risks that we weren’t even aware of. It was a great learning experience and you taught us what the potential impacts might be and that helped us make the decision to move forward with Two River Tech.”

Larry Mulcahy C.J. Hesse, Inc.


Be More Secure

You’ll rest easy knowing you’re protected by industry leading cybersecurity solutions.


Ensure Business

Run your business anywhere from any device using private cloud-based technology.


Increase Your

You’ll have more time to focus on what’s most important ... your business.


Simplify Your

Eliminate the confusion and feel confident you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Just like you, we are a small business and use the same technology solutions that we recommend and sell.

For over 15 years, Two River Technology Group has provided Managed IT Services in New Jersey and specializing in:


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4 Simple Steps to Successful IT


We Perform the Discovery

A non-intrusive 60-90 minutes initial consultation is all it takes for us to gather the data. Your existing IT provider won't even know we were there.


You Review the Assessment

We aren't going to confuse you with tech support talk. The results are delivered in a simply scored, color-coded report that makes understanding everything a breeze.


You Pick the Custom Solution

We propose a few options and empower you with the knowledge to confidently select the information technology that is right for you.


We Guarantee the Results

You should worry about your business, not your IT. We're your technology partner and guarantee you will be thrilled with our customer service and the results we deliver and have peace of mind so you can achieve your long term business goals

When Was the Last Time You’ve Had Anyone Perform an Assessment of Your Network to Make Sure Your Current NJ IT Company Was Doing an Awesome Job?

Download this important business guide to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for from your current IT provider.

And more importantly, understand the hidden dangers that could lead to downtime, cybersecurity breaches and lost revenue.

You’ll learn how a simple IT Assessment can save you from easy to miss and costly mistakes.

Find out now if you are covered and protected!

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Founded in 2004, Two River Technology Group helps small businesses in New Jersey get the most from their technology. We’ve helped many small businesses remove their technology worries so that they can concentrate on realizing their goals and growing their businesses.

By abandoning a centralized office approach, we remain mobilized in the field, highly available and in the environment that allows us to excel as a technology services provider. Using many of the same technologies that we recommend, support and maintain, we are able to deliver enterprise level consulting without the expense typically associated with this type of service.

Two River Tech provides managed it services plan for businesses in the New Jersey area. Services include consulting services, security monitoring and protection, day to day technical support for services such as Microsoft 365, software updated on all your devices by us, data backup and recovery, and Managed IT Services to suit your business. For Managed IT Support, cyber security solutions for a flat rate fee, contact us today. Full time Managed Service & IT Support Company for small and medium businesses in New Jersey and New York.

Cloud migration can be an intimidating and a complex endeavor. Download our eBook, Get Ready to Take Flight: How Your Business Can Achieve a Successful Cloud Migration to learn best practices and get started on the right foot.Download here