5 Big Benefits of Automation

5 Big Benefits of Automation

5 Big Benefits of Automation

Automating your business operations can help reduce your overhead and provide a better experience for your staff.  

Businesses of all sizes face pressure to remain viable during this global pandemic, putting additional stress on IT systems and support. With 23% of small businesses across the US impacted by the coronavirus and another 43% anticipating their business will be affected if COVID-19 closings continue to spread, business continuity and disaster recovery are more important than ever. Automating critical functions of a small business operation not only saves time and money, but it also helps future proof your business during this time of uncertainty.

Automating computer operations is sometimes referred to as infrastructure automation. Automation uses systems to control processes reducing the need for human interaction with IT systems. Automation means having technology systematically perform specific actions, freeing up valuable internal technical time to work on more critical tasks. Automation works just as well in a small business as it does for large corporations, for it utilizes software to create repeatable instructions or processes with limited human intervention. Employee onboarding, accounting processes, marketing, eCommerce, and inventory management are just some of the functions that can be automated to reduce cost and increase productivity.

Here are five significant benefits of automating a computing operation.

1. Cost Reduction

The highest operational cost in any organization is labor costs. This is particularly true for IT administrators as their wages are commensurate with their skill sets. The issue with reducing labor costs is the impact it can have on other aspects of a business operation. Reducing IT services and support reduce the capability to remain nimble amid a global pandemic. In these challenging times, where so many businesses globally have shut their doors, using IT automation software for routine tasks is a more intelligent approach to reducing costs. This leaves administrators to focus their energy on tasks that can’t be automated, increasing service to the end-user.

2. Productivity

Servicing remote workers during this pandemic means productivity becomes a vital component of your business success. When employees are geographically dispersed, the chances for human error increases along with a loss in productivity. With more employees working in isolation, IT automation eliminates less repetitive tasks reducing human error and contributing to the rise in job satisfaction.

3. Reliability

The foundation of any IT department is ensuring the reliability of ongoing service and support. Businesses rely on online systems for communication, sales, ordering, customer service, invoicing, and payroll. It’s no longer acceptable for computer systems to be unavailable for any period. A key advantage of automation is that software can handle complex tasks without the need for human interaction. By automating aspects of a business operation, it eliminates most batch processing errors. The apparent advantage is jobs are not forgotten and run in sequence, contributing to quality outputs. This means routine IT tasks can be completed every time in the same manner without fail executed by automation software.

4. Scalability

Adapting to a new reality and times of uncertainty, scalability is a huge benefit. Automating computer systems allows businesses to grow or shrink as needed. IT automation provides the flexibility needed in these uncertain times when a business needs to scale its operations accordingly.

5. Efficiency

Software engineers are in high demand around the globe. If they are forced to do mundane, repetitive work, they will likely seek better opportunities elsewhere. If they leave, it’s not just the cost of recruiting a new engineer, and there’s the risk of losing their knowledge base. By automating repetitive tasks, it leaves high-valued engineers to work on more strategic operations for computers can accomplish many repetitive tasks faster than a human can.

Staying connected with employees, clients, and other stakeholders is what will keep you in business. When your network is being effectively managed, it allows you to concentrate on the strategic aspects of your business, not the technical. Over the years, Two River Technology Group has helped many small businesses in the New Jersey area stay connected by providing affordable, fully managed, and co-managed secure IT solutions. If you are concerned about any aspect of your technical network, contact Two River Technology Group at 732-391-4770 to take advantage of our no-obligation assessment.

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