Pros and Cons Of Hiring A New Jersey IT Services Company

Pros and Cons Of Hiring A New Jersey IT Services Company

Hiring a New Jersey IT Services Company?

Is your internal team struggling to keep up with technical advances in your business? See whether outsourcing your technical support might be a good solution.  

There's an unexpected river of change coming to corporations in the coming years: the widespread retirement of senior technology professionals throughout the country. Demographic trends are changing dramatically in the next few years, causing a raft of IT experts to prep for the next phase of their lives -- leaving behind a significant skill and knowledge gap that companies will struggle to fill. Hopefully, businesses have already started to stack the deck with up-and-coming technical experts that will be able to step into these positions, but this shift can result in additional vacancies that might prove even more difficult to navigate. This trend is troubling for entrepreneurs leading small to mid-size businesses as the low unemployment rates have made hiring and keeping technical staff more difficult than ever before. With all of these considerations, it's no surprise that companies are increasingly looking for ways to supplement their technical know-how with outsourced New Jersey IT services.

Pros of Outsourcing New Jersey IT Services

There are few cut-and-dried solutions for any technical problem, which is why many companies turn to a team of individuals for IT support as opposed to hiring a single internal expert. This provides your corporation with a wider range of knowledge and bench strength that can be difficult to hire for small to mid-size businesses. Working with an IT managed services team has a variety of benefits for your business, including:

  • Access to enterprise-scale tools and solutions, without the excessive price tags associated with the outright purchase of the platforms
  • Flexible, scalable cybersecurity solutions and active monitoring
  • Next-generation firewalls, tightly configured to protect your particular business data and usage needs
  • Advanced training in malware, ransomware and phishing identification for staff members to reduce the likelihood of an attack
  • Quick remediation of vulnerabilities and rapid response to any incidents by a team familiar with your network configurations
  • You're able to free up internal resources to focus on other projects

Cons of Outsourcing New Jersey IT Services

While outsourcing is extremely attractive for a variety of reasons, there are always risks associated with allowing a partner control of a portion of your business. This makes it particularly important that you fully vet your potential IT services provider to ensure they will meet the current and future needs of your organization. Some of the downsides associated with IT managed services include:

  • You have to be careful to get all service level agreements (SLAs) in writing, including response times and escalation protocols
  • There's always the potential that you will receive an undertrained or un-certified technician that could exacerbate the issues you're experiencing
  • Slow response times can add considerably to your annual IT downtime, a costly effort
  • Possibility of cultural mismatch between the two organizations

Keeping everything flowing smoothly with your IT operations takes time and proactive support, either internal to your company or through an external New Jersey IT services provider. The professionals at Two River Technology Group have been serving the New Jersey area since 2004, providing exceptional IT support and services to organizations of all sizes. Contact our technical experts at 732-391-4770 to schedule your free initial consultation or fill out our quick online form to receive a call back at your convenience.

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