Questions To Ask When Searching For New Jersey IT Support

Questions To Ask When Searching For New Jersey IT Support

Questions to Ask When Searching for New Jersey IT Support

Looking for a New Jersey IT support company? Here's what you need to ask your potential partners before you sign the paperwork for a long commitment.  

Your operational infrastructure can determine whether your business exceeds customer expectations or frustrates prospects and employees alike. With the highly competitive global marketplace, the level of service and support you're able to provide your customers is arguably the most important component of your business growth. When customers are perfectly willing to hop to a competitor if they have a problem with your brand, it's vital that you smooth any rough edges in your process and actively look for ways to boost retention and customer satisfaction. With nearly 90% of customers willing to pay more for great customer experience, it's time to revamp your workflows and upgrade your technology. Here are a few questions to consider when you're looking for New Jersey IT support to help get your business operations back on track.

Benefits of Proactive New Jersey IT Support

Slow networks, poorly-designed infrastructure and endpoints that lack security can all cause some serious headaches for your technology teams, business users -- and your customers. When IT professionals are spending all their time working through problems with your existing systems, it's extremely difficult for them to find time to innovate and edge out your competitors. Business users get quickly frustrated with the lack of support, while customers feel the brunt of the problems in slow account servicing. When you have a proactive team of technical experts supporting your business, your teams can concentrate on their customers.

Questions to Ask Your New Jersey IT Support Providers?

You know you need some technical assistance, but how can you find a New Jersey IT support provider that you can trust? These questions will help you vet prospective partners and find the best solution for your company.

  1. Do you have enough technical professionals to support a business of my size?
  2. What are your guarantees in terms of service levels and response times?
  3. Do you offer after-hours, weekend and holiday support? If so, how does this differ from standard support hours?
  4. Are all of your support requests submitted online, or will you accept phone calls or emails to initiate a service request?
  5. What is your cybersecurity strategy, and which specific software platforms are you using to keep my business secure?
  6. Are your technical staff required to complete ongoing education? If so, how much -- and what kind?
  7. Will your team be able to tailor their communication style to the unique needs of my staff members?
  8. What is the culture of your organization -- laid back and wearing blue jeans, or are your team members a bit more formal?
  9. What happens when something is NOT covered by our service agreement?

Working through these questions together with your potential support partners can help you find a fit that not only offers the technical assistance that you need but will also be a great business partner for the future.

Your New Jersey IT support partner can help create a focused approach to technology operations by streamlining stalled workflows and providing quick support to business users. Two River Technology Group is the #1 IT support company in New Jersey, and we specialize in providing exceptional tools and security for small to mid-size businesses. Contact us at 732-391-4770 or request a free network assessment online anytime.

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